Best Organic Sensitive Skin Lotion

Lotus Professional Protective Lotion

Lotus Professional Protective Lotion: Provides soothing and UV protection for sensitive skin with natural, preservative-free ingredients.

12 Best Sensitive Skin Lotion in India 2024: Top Brands
  • Soothing care
  • UV protection
  • Preservative-free

    Lotus Professional Protective Lotion offers soothing care and UV protection for sensitive skin. Enriched with chamomile extract, it soothes sunburns and rashes while providing a natural, preservative-free formula. This lotion is ideal for daily use, ensuring your skin remains protected and hydrated.

    Suitable for all skin types, Lotus Professional Protective Lotion is a top choice for those seeking organic skincare solutions. Available in a 100ml bottle, it provides effective moisturization and protection for sensitive skin.


    • Volume: 100ml

    • Skin Type: All

    • Ingredients: Chamomile Extract